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SENSE Foundation Brussels supports projects, initiatives and non-profit organisations in Belgium and abroad that align with its objectives: 

- Supporting scientific research and /or start-ups focused on improving and protecting health (with a specific focus on genetics and nutrition), the environment and sustainable development;

- Supporting students who study or carry out research in genetics or nutrition, environment protection and sustainable development, as well as in specific arts and culture areas, but who lack sufficient financial resources (merit and need-based scholarships);

- Providing ad hoc assistance to charitable organisations helping people dealing with specific/temporary hardship.

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity are important values for the SENSE Foundation Brussels.Projects carried by or benefiting women and / or minorities will receive particular focus. When possible, grants to students will favor Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

SENSE Foundation Brussels' contributions

- Maximum 25% of a project / initiative costs;

- Grants can vary. The typical range is €5,000 to €25,000, per NGO / Non-profit Organisation / Charity/ University. Lower or higher amounts can be considered;
- Contributions are usually one-off and mostly non recurring (except funds to Universities, which provide grants to their students).

Eligibility Criteria

- The project is impactful and aligned with the objectives of the Foundation;

- The project description must clearly mention the needs it addresses, its positive impact and the effective use of the funds;

- The requested funding represents a maximum of 25% of the total costs of the project, including staff costs if applicable;

​Exclusion Criteria

- Projects which are not aligned with the Foundation's objectives;

- Commercial sponsorship requests, sponsoring of sports or cultural events, sponsoring of fundraising activities for NGOs and other charitable causes;

- Projects previously submitted;

- Projects/ charities directly affiliated with any political or religious organisation or actively promoting any particular faith or ideology;

- Failure to provide an evaluation of the organisation's project's effectiveness (current or past projects);

- Incomplete submissions;

- Projects / organisations with high overheads or funding costs.

Evaluation Criteria

- The project is realistic and coherent with SENSE Foundation Brussels objectives;

- The project addresses 2 or more objectives of the Foundation;

- The Foundation' support contributes to a positive and lasting impact (sustainable approach);

- The project methodology is sufficiently described and is appropriate;

- The project is in line with the Foundation's inclusion, equality and diversity values;

- The Foundation’s contribution provides a “booster” to the organisation supported, to find additional funding from other sources or make progress beyond the amount that may be contributed by the SENSE Foundation Brussels;

- The beneficiary organisation has demonstrated being effective in the past with funds received;

- The overhead, advertising and funding acquisition costs of the beneficiary organisation are inferior to 20% of the funds collected (i.e. at least 80% of funds received from donors are allocated to the objectives / beneficiaries of the charity supported).

Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed to make sure they are complete and aligned with the Foundation’s objectives. It may be that the Foundation Team asks for additional information.

The valid applications will then be reviewed, once a year in the fourth quarter, by SENSE Foundation Brussels which will select the proposals according to the objectives of the Foundation, its priority areas of focus and the overall impact of the proposed action.

The selected beneficiaries will be notified between October and December of each year.

The Foundation expects a short report (70-200 words maximum, in English) on the use of the allocated funds at the end of the project. A reporting template will be provided in due time to all beneficiaries. Any foreseen delays in the project should be proactively notified to the SENSE Foundation Brussels.

A confirmation of receipt will be provided by the Foundation Team when the application has been received. Feedback will be provided via e-mail after review of the application by the foundation.

Donations can be split among several projects while remaining impactful and meaningful for the organisations or students/ researchers that receive the donations.

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