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About Us

SENSE Foundation Brussels is a private foundation established in Belgium in 2019.

SENSE Foundation Brussels, of which motto is Scientia et Education Naturam Sanitatemque Emuniunt (Science and Education Preserve Nature and Health), summarizes its founders' belief that Science and Education can have a strong positive impact on Environment and Health protection.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports projects, initiatives and non-profit organisations in Belgium and abroad that align with its objectives: 

  • Supporting scientific research and /or start-ups focused on improving and protecting health (with a specific emphasis on genetics and nutrition), the environment and sustainable development;

  • Supporting students who study or carry out research in genetics or nutrition, environment protection and sustainable development, as well as in specific arts and culture areas, but who lack sufficient financial resources (merit and need-based scholarships and financial grants);

  • Providing ad hoc assistance to charitable organisations helping people dealing with specific/temporary hardship.

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity are important values for the SENSE Foundation Brussels.
Projects carried by or benefiting women and / or minorities will receive particular attention. 
When possible, grants to students will favor Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).