Some organisations we supported 

Health & sciences

Sun Child asbl - Belgium


Sun Child is a nonprofit organization which helps financially and morally disadvantaged families who have a seriously ill child.

Sun Child has established partnerships with hospitals and medical institutions in Belgium which, based on social criteria, send him the files of seriously ill children.

In regular contact with social workers, Sun Child's mission is to meet the needs of vulnerable families living in Belgium.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the association for the coverage of the costs related to the transportation of children to health care facilities by volunteer drivers, art therapy workshops and volunteers' trainings.

Médecins Sans Vacances absl - Belgium


For many hospitals in Africa, offering quality healthcare is a major challenge. There are various reasons for this: a lack of facilities, limited training opportunities, a difficult supply of medicines, and more. However, every person on Earth should have the right to quality healthcare.

This is why Medics Without Vacation, a non-governmental organization (NGO) of Belgian origin, is entering into sustainable partnerships with 37 hospitals in five African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda. Medics Without Vacation assist their partner hospitals in the long term, so that they can offer high-quality healthcare to their patients.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the purchase of medical equipment as part of training sessions for teams deployed in the South Kivu province of DR Congo. Sessions are focusing on hospital hygiene and health and safety aspects, following an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the region in August 2019.

Re-Source CHIREC Delta Center asbl - Belgium

Re-Source is the first comprehensive support center for cancer patients and their loved ones in the Brussels Region.

The objective of the association is to offer a warm space where all can receive attention, listening and psychological support.

Through a broad program of activities complementing the conventional oncology care, the association encourages the patient to become an active participant in its own healing process.

This support, inspired by the principles of integrative medicine, revolves around 4 main pillars: Being, Moving, Eating, Sharing.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports Re-Source in the refurbishment of its holistic support center in Brussels.

The University of Oxford - United Kingdom


The University of Oxford is one of the world’s leading universities and is internationally renowned for the quality of its research and teaching in Medical Sciences and Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Materials Science. Academics undertake both fundamental research and cutting-edge applied work. Research conducted at Oxford tackles major societal and technological challenges. It also holds the Athena Swan Awards, illustrating their commitments to ensuring good practice to encourage gender diversity in science at all levels.

Oxford’s Medical Science researchers work across the full range of biomedical and clinical sciences, seeking to drive forward research into both basic science and translational medicine. Through close collaboration with the UK National Health Service, the Division seeks to develop clinical solutions to urgent healthcare needs such as improved cancer treatment.

Oxford’s researchers in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biological Sciences are known for their excellence and expertise across a wide number of innovative areas from addressing antibiotic resistance, to understanding plant pathogens, to drug discovery and nanochemistry.


SENSE Foundation Brussels provides Mobility Awards and hardship funds for students enrolled in the Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and in the Division of Medical Sciences. 

Imperial College London - United Kingdom


Imperial College London is an exceptional university with a global reputation for teaching and research across four disciplines: engineering, medicine, science and business. Consistently ranked within the top three universities in the UK and Europe, and the top ten worldwide, Imperial attracts the very best students and academics from across the world.

Imperial’s Department of Life Sciences is one of the largest departments of its kind in Europe, with over 100 academic staff, 180 research fellows and post-docs, and over 1300 students. Ranked 2nd in the UK, the department’s undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities run along two strands – biochemistry and biological sciences – and support a diverse student body comprised of approximately 60% female students and over 60% from outside the UK.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the Department of Life Sciences to provide more financial help to students in recognition of both academic excellence and financial need. Over the next years, this support will include a scholarship for undergraduates, individual and group prizes for undergraduates and postgraduates, and a hardship fund – a vital lifeline for students struggling to meet the costs of living whilst studying.

Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) - Belgium

The UCL is the largest university in French-speaking Belgium (31 000 students) and ranks in the top 15% of universities worldwide. Its 21 research institutes, 38 technology platforms, two university hospitals and three science parks home almost 300 companies and 66 spin-offs in activity are a testament to its research prowess. UCLouvain commits as a whole cutting-edge research and innovation in collaboration with both the corporate world and society.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports staff at the Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology, as well as mobility grants for students enrolled in the Bioscience Engineering Faculty, in the field of genetics and sustainable nutrition. SENSE Foundation Brussels also provides the UCL with emergency grants for students facing temporary, specific hardship.

Université Libre de Belgique (ULB) - Belgium

The mission of the Fondation ULB is to support innovative research projects at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and to help researchers at the forefront of their discipline to achieve significant scientific progress.


SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the research project CLEAN: while the world reliance on combustion is set to continue, to satisfy our energy needs, we need to advance combustion science to develop new technologies that can handle CO2-neutral fuels efficiently, and without producing pollutants. Some examples of new combustion technologies have been proposed recently, and implemented in some practical devices. However, these low-emissions combustion regimes are very complex and very difficult to predict, making impossible to transpose solutions from one industrial configuration to another.

CLEAN aims to combine the most recent advances in computer science and high performance computing, to decode the complexity of turbulent reacting flows and develop new models that can be used, with confidence, to develop fuel-flexible, efficient and clean combustion technologies. 

The Brussels Science Film Festival - Belgium


It is an audio-visual event taking place during the Printemps des Sciences Festival in Brussels, that offers scientific education, promotes research and facilitates the meeting of students and researchers.

The BSFF wishes to enable everyone, whether they are an amateur or expert, to gather around a common interest and to demonstrate through scientific education, what an amazing and entertaining subject science is.

The BSFF Committee ensures the reliability of sources and information and provides a science festival of the highest calibre.

A series of conferences is organised during the festival in 2020, for postgraduate students to present their work to the public and provide a clearer idea of what research represents. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the BSFF in acquiring documentaries' diffusion rights, as well as in attracting renowned speakers. It also helps the Festival in becoming a zero-waste event.


AgroParisTech - France

AgroParisTech is a higher education and research institute (“Grande Ecole”) aiming at addressing some of the main global challenges of the 21st century : feeding a growing population while sustainably managing territories, preserving natural resources, supporting innovation and integrating the bioeconomy.

The AgroParisTech Foundation spreads out seeds and fertilises the AgroParisTech’s breeding ground. The Foundation brings a financial and skills sponsorship to projects through three programs: Learn!, Take on !, Undertake !


SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the Learners' program through attractivity grants for international students, mobility grants for French government grant holders as well as emergency grants.


TADA - ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir - Belgium


TADA is a 100% bilingual (NL/FR) non-profit organisation that offers weekend classes to children aged 10 to 14, living in Brussels' most socioeconomic disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The objectives of TADA are to help these children improve their prospects and open up to new opportunities, to acquire self-confidence, ‘life skills’ and a broader sense of belonging to Belgian society.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports TADA in its efforts to open additional weekend classes and reach out to more children and teenagers.

Centrale Supélec - France

CentraleSupélec, a Public Institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature, was created by the merging of École Centrale Paris and Supélec in January 2015.

Today, CentraleSupélec consists of 3 campuses in France. It has 4,300 students, 3,200 being engineering students and includes 16 laboratories or research teams.

CentraleSupélec is a reference centre in the field of engineering sciences and systems and a leading School in higher education and research, ranked among the best institutions in the world. CentraleSupélec is a founding member of Paris-Saclay University and chairs the École Centrale Group.


SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the « Sebastienne Guyot » grants, aiming at supporting female students in their engineering degrees at CentraleSupelec.  

They target motivated candidates facing financial difficulties and provide them with the best conditions possible to succeed in their studies.

Lycée Sainte Geneviève - France

The « lycée Sainte Geneviève » ("Ginette"), located in Versailles, France, is a prep-school dedicated to the students who want to enter Engineering, Agronomy or Business schools. 

Its aim is to foster its 875 boarding students’ taste for excellence, responsibilities and the desire to dedicate one’s life to serving others. The experience gathered during the years spent at Ginette is the ground basis for further commitments in enterprises, civil or military service, as well as families and associations.

Fondation Ginette’ social purpose includes granting financial support to students in needs, in full coordination with the school’s Director. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports Ginette as part of the national French program “Boarding School of Success”, which provides promising students from underprivileged backgrounds with an access to a school where their potential can blossom to its full extent.

Make It Happen Foundation - Belgium


It is a Public Interest Foundation working in the field of in education, set up by experienced professionals from the business world. Its vision can be encapsulated in one firm belief: appropriate education, that inspires, trains and motivates youngsters to combine professional success together with a positive impact on society, will contribute to solving our major environmental and societal issues. Make It Happen is implementing a program in high schools to enable students to imagine solutions to societal and environmental concerns, answering to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. This program, based on collective intelligence methodology, does provide students, from privileged and less privileged background, with the 21st century skills and self-esteem required to play a positive role in our society. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels helps Make It Happen Foundation in its efforts to develop its activities towards young people.

Arts & culture

INSAS - Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Belgium


Created in 1962, INSAS is a public university college in performing arts, specialising in audiovisual and theatre studies.

SENSE Foundation Brussels provides bursaries for the new Certificat en Danse starting in January 2020, organised in partnership with La Cambre (ENSAV) and Charleroi Danse. The foundation also supports bursaries for outstanding graduating students in arts to attend additional training and/or start their professional journey.

La Cambre (ENSAV) - Belgium


La Cambre is one of Belgium’s leading art and design schools. Founded in 1927 by the architect and designer Henry van de Velde, the École nationale supérieure des arts visuels of La Cambre (ENSAV) has nearly 650 students in 18 different departments: ceramics, animation, drawing, urban design, printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture, and fine art conservation & restoration. Its design departments include industrial and textile design, book design and bookbinding, interior design, set design, fashion and accessories design, as well as graphic and visual communication and typography. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the school's International Fund, enabling students to pursue projects abroad.

Assistance to charitable organisations

L'Îlot - Sortir du sans-abrisme asbl - Belgium


For the past 60 years, in Brussels and Wallonia, L'Ilot's mission has been to answer the needs faced by homeless people in situations of great precariousness, organising throughout the year a wide and diversified offer of services, all adapted to the particular situations of these individuals or families.

Thanks to individual and tailored psychosocial support, L’Ilot seeks to build decent and sustainable solutions, allowing people to leave homelessness for good and to care for themselves in the future. L’Ilot works around 5 pillars: emergency shelter, temporary accommodation, housing, training and employment, food health.

In 2018, L'Ilot welcomed and accompanied more than 1260 homeless people, among whom 101 were able to find stable housing.

SENSE Foundation Brussels' donation specifically help the following projects:

- Les pots de l'Ilot;

- C.A.B.A.S.: Comptoir de l’Alimentation Bruxellois Alternatif et Social;

- The renovation and refurbishment of L'Ilot's day care centre.

SOS Children's Villages - Belgium

SOS Children’s Villages works to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing it.  Every child has the right to quality care. It means a safe and caring environment for the child to grow and reach their full potential.

An estimated 220 million of the world’s children are growing up without adequate parental care. They are growing up alone. Being alone is not just about having people around. It's about being listened to. It's about having a supportive community and friends. It's about feeling connected. It's about knowing that you have someone who cares for you.

To support them SOS Children’s Villages provides holistic support and high quality services in 136 countries and territories, Belgium includes. For 70 years, we work with children, families, communities and states to provide a loving home for children who need alternative care and to prevent family breakdown. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the CREA-CULTURE Project, which aims to strengthen the physical, social and mental capacities of children, bringing together all sporting, artistic or cultural activities.

"Le Bateau ivre - Maison d'accueil" asbl - Belgium


Since 1978, "Le Bateau ivre - Home ASBL", located in Watermael Boitsfort, welcomes children and teenagers who have encountered serious difficulties  in their family environment and need to be placed.

This small shelter offers a welcoming environment to boys and girls, from 18 months old to 18 years old, where the key values of attention, respect and support are shared between the children, the pedagogical team and the volunteers.

There, the children can find some serenity and strength to try and rebuild their lives. It’s also a place where the team will try and work with families to maintain the link with their child, preparing, if and when possible, for its return within the family.

When this is not possible, the Bateau ivre team will accompany the young person until his / her majority and help him / her to settle in adult life.

In this warm and welcoming home, a strong focus is put on children’s health and schooling, the main assets that will allow them to make it out in life.

Le Bateau ivre is a registered Youth Aid service of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels' donation allows the organisation to setup a playground compliant with safety standards on its grounds and to offer children a holiday stay in the Belgian countryside

Infirmiers de Rue asbl - Belgium

Launched in 2006 by Emilie Meessen et Sara Janssens, this nonprofit organisation fights for the end of homelessness, working for the sustainable reintegration of homeless people, mainly addressing their hygiene needs and the valorisation of their talents.

Street work is complemented by the collaboration of the different actors of the psycho-medico-social network. The follow-up of the patient is prolonged until his stabilisation in housing, and a support network is formed around him. This integral approach ensures the durability of the organisation's actions and prevents a return to the street.

Infirmiers de Rue's vision is of a society without homelessness. They are convinced that it is not inevitable, neither for the person nor for society.

SN has been operational in Liège since 13 of May 2019 and SENSE Foundation Brussels support the development of their activities in the region.

Société Royale de Philanthropie, Fondation d'Utilité Publique - Belgium


The Société Royale de Philanthropie supports the local communities in Brussels that are less fortunate. They mostly act by granting microloans with 0% interest rates.
The financial support is never given directly to the beneficiaries but sent to the creditors: schools, hospitals, landlords, energy suppliers, public transportation services, etc.
The SRP also grants money to the elderly who do not earn a sufficient retirement pension to live decently. In addition, volunteers spend time with them, so they do not feel lonely, have someone to talk to and receive human warmth.
Some funds are also given towards education programs and child help. The money is invested in homes for children, teenagers or handicapped people. It supports tangible projects such as homework schools, vocational trainings, etc.

Each month, the organisation gives its support to a food bank in order to get some goods that can be distributed.

La Lumière asbl - Belgium


Since 1919, La Lumière’s mission is to bring to persons who are blind or whose vision is impaired, the social and medical training that will enable them to reach autonomy, social inclusion and citizenship.

The association welcomes, listens to and accompanies its beneficiaries, helping them to fulfill their life project, thanks to individual and collective answers. All their actions aim at empowering blind and visually impaired people of all ages.

 La Lumière gathers a whole team of professionals and proposes all the technical aids available today.  It organise multiples cultural activities as well. Ordinary schooling and education, employment and autonomy are at the center of the organisation’s mission.  Inclusion in happiness is what it aims for.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports La Lumière for the digitisation of their library in braille and on audio support.