Charitable Organisations

in class, children write on slates and one of them reads braille
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Sensorial Handicap Cooperation NGO - Senegal


Sensorial Handicap Cooperation mission is to promote the integration and development of children who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, through the establishment of a suitable, qualitative and accessible educational environment. To this end, it contributes to the long-term strengthening of local structures in the field of sensory disability, by training trainers and faculty and setting up infrastructure and equipment adapted to the type of disability.  In order to fully contribute to the integration of these young people in society, Sensorial Handicap Cooperation also uses medical, paramedical, social, environmental and economic components into its projects.

SENSE Foundation Brussels’ grant enables Sensorial Handicap Cooperation, through its local partner, INEFJA, to support the education of blind and visually impaired children in 4 regions of Senegal through fifteen inclusive schools.

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Oeuvre de Suivi, Education et Protection des Enfants de Rue "OSEPER" asbl - RDC

OSEPER assists more than 2,660 children and young people in the street of Kinshasa with its ambulances, to more than 300 within these centres of reception and temporary accommodation and to more than 620 children in support after socio-family reunification. [EF1] [FG2] Its fundamental goal is the familial and social reintegration of street children and young people in Kinshasa.

With the support of SENSE Foundation Brussels, OSEPER intends to awaken the artistic and sporting talents of children and young people in street situations. Their objectives are to:

  -Train and Increase the self-esteem of up to 100 children and young people through socio-cultural and artistic activities;

  - Introduce 100 children and young people to computer science.

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Association Aurore - France


Association Aurore’s mission is to welcome and support people in precarious or exclusion situations to regain autonomy through accommodation, care and professional training. Recognised as a public utility organisation since 1875, the association relies on its experience to offer and experiment with innovative forms of care, adapting to the evolution of precariousness and exclusion.

Based on values of solidarity, integration and circular economy, the Ressourcerie Project is structured around 4 workshops allowing 90 people to gain work experience. The objective is the recycling of objects and waste, collected from individuals and local businesses.


Thanks to the support of SENSE Foundation Brussels, Association Aurore is able to purchase a professional shredder, making for a more efficient recycling process.

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TECHO - Latin America (18 countries)


TECHO brings together young volunteers and families living in poverty to transform slums into thriving communities across Latin America. To date, TECHO has built more than 150,000 emergency homes for families in need, engaging 1.5 million volunteers in its construction efforts. Due to the impact of COVID-19, TECHO launched the Empathy Pact, a global movement to support vulnerable families affected by the pandemic via the distribution of emergency kits.

SENSE Foundation Brussels’ support to the Empathy Pact helps scale the distribution of emergency kits to vulnerable families in multiple countries in the region, allowing these families to find new job opportunities without having to worry about basic needs such as food and hygiene items.

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Les Oeuvres de la Mie de Pain - France


The non-profit organisation Les Oeuvres de la Mie de Pain welcomes the most vulnerable people in Paris and its region, through a day centre, a men's accommodation centre, two women's accommodation centres, a young workers hostel, a boarding house and integration projects. The support of SENSE Foundation Brussels is dedicated to the health centre ensuring a medical presence within the Refuge making it possible to refer people in precarious situations to existing official healthcare structures.

SENSE' Foundation Brussels also supports the project L’Arche d´Avenir, Paris’ largest day centre. L’Arche d’Avenir offers physical activities to homeless and isolated women. Mixed and female-only workshops are offered to promote the (re)construction of self-esteem, the remobilisation of the body, through a comprehensive approach.

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Entrevues asbl - Belgium


Entrevues aims at improving the mobility of visually impaired people with the help of certified guide dogs, so they can get the highest possible level of autonomy and independence. The organisation’s main activities are:

- Specific dog training;

- Training visually impaired people how to behave with the guide dog;

- Training visually impaired people with the use of white cane and with spatial orientation technics;

- Public awareness.

The support from SENSE Foundation Brussels contributes to the training of one guide dog, who will then be matched with a visually impaired person.

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L'Îlot - Sortir du sans-abrisme asbl - Belgium


For the past 60 years, in Brussels and Wallonia, L’Ilot’s mission has been to answer the needs faced by homeless people in situations of great precariousness, organising throughout the year a wide and diversified offer of services, all adapted to the particular situations of these individuals or families. Thanks to individual and tailored psychosocial support, L’Ilot seeks to build decent and sustainable solutions, allowing people to leave homelessness for good and to care for themselves in the future. L’Ilot works around 5 pillars: emergency shelter, temporary accommodation, housing, training and employment, food health. In 2018, L’Ilot welcomed and accompanied more than 1260 homeless people, among whom 101 were able to find stable housing.

In 2019, SENSE Foundation Brussels participated to the training of 15 people and the sale of nearly 8,000 Pots de L’Ilot and enabled l’Ilot’s sustainable food axis to develop considerably through the project C.A.B.A.S,. combating food waste. SENSE Foundation Brussels also supported the renovation and refurbishment of L’Ilot’s day centre. In 2021, the Foundation is focusing its support specifically on this project.

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"Le Bateau ivre - Maison d'accueil" asbl - Belgium


Since 1978, Le Bateau Ivre – Maison d’accueil asbl welcomes children and teenagers who have encountered serious difficulties in their family environment and need to be placed. This small shelter offers a welcoming environment to boys and girls, from 18 months old to 18 years old, where the key values of attention, respect and support are shared between the children, the pedagogical team and the volunteers. There, the children can find some serenity and strength to try and rebuild their lives. It’s also a place where the team tries and works with families to maintain the link with their child, preparing, if and when possible, for its return within the family. When this is not possible, the Bateau Ivre team accompanies the young person until his / her majority and help him / her settle in adult life. In this warm and welcoming home, a strong focus is put on children’s health and schooling, the main assets that will allow them to make it out in life.

In 2019, SENSE Foundation Brussels’ donation allowed the organisation to set up its own playground, compliant with safety standards, and to offer children a holiday in the Belgian countryside.

In 2021, SENSE Foundation Brussels is supporting the achievement of one of Le Bateau Ivre greatest challenges since its creation: the acquisition of its own accommodation in Brussels so that the oldest beneficiaries can live in semi-autonomy after they leave the home.


Sun Child asbl - Belgium


Sun Child is a nonprofit organization which helps financially and morally disadvantaged families who have a seriously ill child.

Sun Child has established partnerships with hospitals and medical institutions in Belgium which, based on social criteria, send him the files of seriously ill children.

In regular contact with social workers, Sun Child's mission is to meet the needs of vulnerable families living in Belgium.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the association for the coverage of the costs related to the transportation of children to health care facilities by volunteer drivers, art therapy workshops and volunteers' trainings.

a mother hugs her child

SOS Children's Villages - Belgium

SOS Children’s Villages works to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing it.  Every child has the right to quality care. It means a safe and caring environment for the child to grow and reach their full potential.

An estimated 220 million of the world’s children are growing up without adequate parental care. They are growing up alone. Being alone is not just about having people around. It's about being listened to. It's about having a supportive community and friends. It's about feeling connected. It's about knowing that you have someone who cares for you.

To support them SOS Children’s Villages provides holistic support and high quality services in 136 countries and territories, Belgium includes. For 70 years, we work with children, families, communities and states to provide a loving home for children who need alternative care and to prevent family breakdown. 

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports the CREA-CULTURE Project, which aims to strengthen the physical, social and mental capacities of children, bringing together all sporting, artistic or cultural activities.


Infirmiers de Rue asbl - Belgium

Launched in 2006 by Emilie Meessen et Sara Janssens, this nonprofit organisation fights for the end of homelessness, working for the sustainable reintegration of homeless people, mainly addressing their hygiene needs and the valorisation of their talents.

Street work is complemented by the collaboration of the different actors of the psycho-medico-social network. The follow-up of the patient is prolonged until his stabilisation in housing, and a support network is formed around him. This integral approach ensures the durability of the organisation's actions and prevents a return to the street.

Infirmiers de Rue's vision is of a society without homelessness. They are convinced that it is not inevitable, neither for the person nor for society.

SN has been operational in Liège since 13 of May 2019 and SENSE Foundation Brussels support the development of their activities in the region.


Société Royale de Philanthropie, Fondation d'Utilité Publique - Belgium


The Société Royale de Philanthropie supports the local communities in Brussels that are less fortunate. They mostly act by granting microloans with 0% interest rates.
The financial support is never given directly to the beneficiaries but sent to the creditors: schools, hospitals, landlords, energy suppliers, public transportation services, etc.
The SRP also grants money to the elderly who do not earn a sufficient retirement pension to live decently. In addition, volunteers spend time with them, so they do not feel lonely, have someone to talk to and receive human warmth.
Some funds are also given towards education programs and child help. The money is invested in homes for children, teenagers or handicapped people. It supports tangible projects such as homework schools, vocational trainings, etc.

Each month, the organisation gives its support to a food bank in order to get some goods that can be distributed.


La Lumière asbl - Belgium


Since 1919, La Lumière’s mission is to bring to persons who are blind or whose vision is impaired, the social and medical training that will enable them to reach autonomy, social inclusion and citizenship.

The association welcomes, listens to and accompanies its beneficiaries, helping them to fulfill their life project, thanks to individual and collective answers. All their actions aim at empowering blind and visually impaired people of all ages.

 La Lumière gathers a whole team of professionals and proposes all the technical aids available today.  It organise multiples cultural activities as well. Ordinary schooling and education, employment and autonomy are at the center of the organisation’s mission.  Inclusion in happiness is what it aims for.

SENSE Foundation Brussels supports La Lumière for the digitisation of their library in braille and on audio support.